In countries like Australia, USA many of the Undergraduate or postgraduate coursework requires students to give different types of presentation to pass their coursework and there is no denying of the fact that majority of those students and their respective courses belong to management subjects. It is often observed that it is highly challenging for students to secure high grades if they are not aware of the knowhow as how to make better presentation and what soft skills are needed during the presentation which can help them to secure high grades.

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First and foremost important parameters to make good presentation is to initially plan the structure of the presentation based on the topic given , divide the structure into three parts which includes Introduction ( describing about the topic) , the main body , and then conclusion and recommendation part. It is always advisable to use data or charts wherever possible so as to make the presentation look specific and if possible avoid lengthy sentences wherever possible.

Apart from the above mentioned points, use of standard fonts, use of bullet points , use of graphics or images to make more content look more attractive and presentable to readers are considered to be most preferable to fetch high grades.

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Solving university level  assignments on subjects like marketing , Finance , Operations , HR etc requires a very systematic approach if one want to secure the best grades. In addition to it students also need to take care different important parameters which includes the format of report , level of English language , usage of references from books /journals etc.

To start with the first and foremost important thing is to understand the question requirement in detail , if it’s an essay then the flow of work needs to planned as per the need of the essay and if it’s a management report then the flow of the work needs to be planned as per the management report requirement.

Every essay has to be started off with an Introduction which means student have to give short introduction about the topic and objective behind writing the essay. Post introduction comes the main body part where every students need to take care of the main title of the essay , its related argument , related research study , pros and cons of the topic and lastly the whole body must cover the justification of required title of the essay. Post main body comes over the conclusion part which actually describes as what student is concluding from the whole write up he has written in the essay and what he thinks should be the way forward.

Any student looking for securing high grades then the essay work needs to be completely free from plagiarism , its needs to be Harvard referencing style , references which has been used must be majorly from books , research papers , journals related to the topic.

By adhering to it and following systematic approach students will be able to secure high grades in any kind of management subjects where an essay needs to be delivered as one of the class assignments.

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